Companion Services

How can companion services make the difference in your life or in the life of a loved one? Learn how the iCherish team can provide companion care to meet daily needs—from meal prep to social engagement.

Could you or a loved one benefit from companion services?

The truth is, many older adults or people with disabilities need far more social interaction and daily assistance than they care to admit.

As a result, they may struggle with loneliness, feeling stuck at home, boredom, nutritional deficiencies, and the inability to complete vital daily tasks.

Family members typically want to help more, but they lead busy lives and can’t always be there as much as they would like. Companion care in Winder and surrounding areas from iCherish Home Care, is the perfect solution for both clients and their families. While a companion will not perform nursing duties or hands-on personal care, he or she will be like a friend to the client who is there to lend a helping hand with a variety of daily tasks.

What to Expect from Our Companion Services

iCherish companion caregivers will customize their services to meet the unique needs of each client. While some clients only need a friend to check in on them from time to time, others need help with trips to the doctor, light cleaning, or meal preparation.

The primary difference between our personal care services and companion services is that a companion doesn’t perform activities that place hands on the client, such as bathing and toileting. Instead, an iCherish companion is there to enrich the client’s life through assistance with household tasks, trips out of the house, and much-needed socialization.

Our companion services include the following tasks:

Meal and nutrition guidance

Meal Preparation and Nutrition Guidance

In far too many cases, older adults or those with disabilities who live alone can go days without eating a well-balanced meal.

Whether they find it inconvenient to cook for one, or just don't have the energy or interest, lack of proper meals can lead to nutritional deficiencies and health problems.

An iCherish companion can prepare meals for a day or multiple meals for days at a time to ensure the client is eating right to promote good health and energy levels.

Medication reminders

Medication Compliance Reminders

At iCherish, nearly all of our clients have daily medications they need to take.

But the medications and dosages can get confusing for clients.

Through our companion services, a reliable caregiver will help the client keep the medications straight and take them as prescribed.

Escorts to Appointments

Escorts to Appointments

Family members often must request time off from work to take loved ones to appointments. This can make older adults or those with disabilities feel like a burden or inconvenience. With an iCherish companion, clients can maintain a sense of independence and schedule as many appointments as they like.

We are pleased to escort clients to appointments for medical, dental, social, and grooming. We also accompany them to family gatherings, shopping trips, lunch dates, or take them on a ride to see beautiful scenery. These outings give our clients something to look forward to and increase their quality of life and enjoyment.

Prescription medicine pickup

Pickup Prescription Drugs

A quick trip to pick up prescription drugs may not seem like a significant thing, but it is when you can't drive.

Through our companion services, our caregivers can easily pick up prescription medications from a pharmacy and deliver them right to the client’s front door.

This saves clients from having to ask friends and family members and makes them feel like they can handle important things on their own, which boosts confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Engaging interests and hobbies.

Engaging the Client in Interests and Hobbies

Pursuing interests and hobbies helps seniors or people with disabilities to feel alive and happy.

iCherish companions will set aside time to engage clients in interests and hobbies that bring them joy. From gardening, sewing, and golfing to a stroll through a park or golf course, we strive to find the things that spark the client’s interest and add some sunshine and fun into their daily lives.

We Customize Companion Services to Meet Unique Client Needs.

At iCherish, we understand each client’s needs will vary, which is why we tailor our companion services. While one client may need extra help with household cleaning tasks and cooking, another may just need a friend who will be there for a chat or a card game. Our team will work closely with the client and family to find the right combination of services to bring the most value to the client’s life. If you would like to schedule a free consultation for companion services from iCherish, contact us online now.