Personal Care Services

Do you need in-home personal care services for yourself or a loved one? Discover the compassionate, personalized services available from a trusted Atlanta agency

Finding the right in-home personal care services for yourself or a loved one can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating experience.

At iCherish Home Care, we understand this is a big decision, and we want to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible. Our primary goal is to help clients maintain an authentic and positive lifestyle so they can remain safe and independent in their homes.

Through our compassionate personal care services, clients receive the care they need to preserve their dignity while addressing matters related to hygiene, nutrition, mobility, medication, and basic health monitoring. Instead of feeling embarrassed or awkward about asking family members to assist with tasks like bathing or toileting, clients can count on trusted, trained caregivers who will treat them with respect while meeting their personal care needs.

What to Expect from Our Personal Care Services

Personal care encompasses the more delicate tasks that most clients would rather not discuss.At iCherish, we are honored to come alongside our clients to assist with these needs. Our personal care services will often be the difference between clients remaining in their homes or requiring assisted living arrangements outside of the home. The experienced iCherish team takes an individualized, thoughtful approach to creating and administering personal care plans to ensure the best outcome for clients and families.

After a comprehensive assessment to determine what each patient needs, we make personalized recommendations for the client and family, working closely with them to craft a plan that is the right fit. 

We offer a wide range of professional personal care services to meet each client's unique needs, including:

Daily living activities

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

ADLs encompass tasks that a client must perform or have assistance performing on a daily basis, such as:

· Bathing

· Personal grooming, i.e., oral care and hair and skincare

· Dressing and undressing

· Getting out of bed or moving from one room to another

· Assistance with range of motion

· Toileting

In the world of healthcare, the ability or inability to perform ADL tasks is a measurement of the client’s independence. With the support and assistance of our trained and screened personal caregivers, clients can remain safely in their homes longer and with a greater quality of life.

Meal and nutrition guidance

Meal Preparation and Nutrition Guidance

For an individual with health concerns, such as diabetes or high blood pressure or cholesterol, proper nutrition is of the utmost importance. Our nurses will create nutrition plans for clients that align with their health goals.

Caregivers then help the client adhere to the plan by preparing nutritious meals and encouraging them to eat on schedule.

Even if the client doesn't receive daily services, the caregiver can prepare a few days' worth of meals to meet the client's nutritional needs until the next visit.

Medication compliance reminders

Medication Compliance Reminders

Remembering to take mediations on-schedule can be difficult for some clients. However, skipping a day of medication or taking the wrong medications at the wrong time can be dangerous and even fatal. Our caregivers are committed to keeping clients on-track with their medications.

Whether clients do not like taking them or simply forget, we will be there to give friendly reminders and encouragement.

If the client refuses the medication for some reason, we alert the family or physician right away.

Temperature and respiration monitoring

Temperature and Respirations

For many of our clients, a fever or respiration problems can quickly lead to a serious health crisis. We provide accurate temperature and respiration checks during each visit to catch health concerns as quickly as possible.

Many clients have asthma or other respiratory illnesses, so keeping a close eye on breathing is important.

The iCherish caregivers are trained to contact a nurse if they notice a fever or problematic breathing. In the case of an emergency, they call 911 to get the client professional medical care.

Health monitoring

Blood Pressure and Glucose Monitoring

Blood pressure or blood glucose issues can render clients unable to function and can quickly lead to a health crisis.

We take a blood pressure reading and monitor blood glucose during each visit to provide peace of mind for the client and family.

Again, if there is an urgent problem, our caregivers are trained to contact the nurse or 911.

CCSP and Source

Our recent approval through the federal and state programs CCSP and Source ("The Elderly and Disabled Waiver") means we are licensed to accept clients through the waiver. We also serve clients with Medicaid coverage and those who can afford private pay.

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Dedicated to Clients’ Well-Being and Satisfaction.

At iCherish, we can provide different levels of care, depending on the client and family's needs. From a minimum of four-hour shifts to 24-hours-a-day care, you let us know what you need, and we will be there on time, every time. Our professionalism, personalized attention, and dedication to client satisfaction set us apart from other agencies.

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