Skilled Nursing Services

Do you or a loved one require in-home skilled nursing services in the Greater Atlanta Area? Find out how our qualified, licensed nurses can provide the expertise and compassionate medical care you need.

If you are looking for a trusted agency that can provide reliable, skilled nursing for yourself or a loved one, it's time to take a closer look at iCherish Home Care. We serve patients at home in Winder, Lawrenceville, and all areas surrounding Atlanta.

Our dedicated, highly-vetted staff puts our clients first, which is a quality that makes our agency one of the best in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Whether you are seeking the minimum four hours of skilled nursing services or around-the-clock care, you can count on our licensed nurses to be there when you need them. We are committed to helping our clients stay in the comfort of their homes for as long as possible while experiencing an optimal quality of life.

What to Expect from Our In-Home Skilled Nursing Services

In-home skilled nursing care encompasses the medical care necessary to improve or maintain client health. The client may need a higher level of nursing care due to age or medical conditions. Patients can reduce the number and duration of hospital visits with a nurse caring for them at home. In some cases, the client is recovering from a surgical procedure or illness and needs extra medical support for a brief time. In other cases, the need for skilled nursing is a long-term home health need.

Clients and families turn to iCherish for dependable professional nursing services, including the following services:

Care plan assessment

Plan of Care

The Plan of Care involves the specifics about the medical interventions and treatments the client needs to heal or maintain health at home. One of our licensed iCherish nurses will come to the client's home to conduct an assessment that will provide the information necessary to develop the Plan. As the nurse creates the Plan, they will consider any diagnoses, symptoms, doctor's instructions, medications, and the client’s goals and preferences.

Any nurses and caregivers who will work with the client refer to the Plan of Care during their visits.

Client clinical needs assessment

Clinical Assessments

In some cases, the Plan of Care and clinical assessment will take place simultaneously.

At iCherish, our nurses utilize this assessment to identify each client's needs, which then helps them develop the most effective Plan of Care.

We determine the range of motion, identify what the client can and cannot do for self, look for wounds, and address other health issues that require the careful attention of our nurses and caregivers.

Administering oral medications

Administration or Set-Up of Oral (PO) Medications

Setting up the schedule for oral medications is a crucial task. Mistakes can be deadly, which is why our skilled nurses are dedicated to 100% accuracy.

We will create an easy-to-understand schedule that helps the client take the correct medications at the right times, making sure there are no contraindications.

We also work closely with the client’s physicians to ensure the medication plan is always up-to-date and accurate.

Insulin and other maintenance medication administering routine

Routine Administration of Maintenance Medications including Insulin

At times, clients require extra assistance for the routine administration of their medications, including oral medications and insulin. In the case of insulin injections, only a Registered Nurse (RN) is qualified for the task.

You can be certain you or your loved one will have a highly skilled nurse in your home to provide attentive care in all matters related to medication administration.

Medicine monitoring and adjustments

Medication Monitoring and Titration Service

In addition to the set-up and administration of medications, our skilled nurses will monitor the medication and provide titration—also known as drug adjustments—when necessary.

Without monitoring, clients may forget they took medicine and accidentally double-dose. We ensure they are taking the meds correctly and sticking to the right schedule.

Turn to iCherish Home Care for Trusted Skilled Nursing Services.

Reliable skilled nursing services can enable clients to extend the years they remain in their home where they feel most comfortable and at peace. If we notice a decline in a client’s health, we can help determine if they are ready for a skilled nursing facility or hospice care. Our health care team of nurses will take steps right away to assist in the transition. Until that time comes, our nurses will be there to provide the highest level of home care in the industry.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation for skilled nursing services and home care from iCherish, contact us online now.