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At iCherish Home Care, we know that obtaining home care support for yourself or a loved one is important. Our primary purpose is to help our clients live their best life. That means something different for each client. That is why we tailor care for the individual based on their needs, goals, desires, and abilities. iCherish Home Care we offer comprehensive home care. Services include social interaction, excursions, hygiene, nourishment, mobility, medication, health monitoring, and more. Our compassionate companion, personal, and skilled nursing services provide our clients with necessary home care. Our focus is to preserve our clients' dignity and independence. Please contact us to schedule a free over the phone consultation. Lawrenceville home care services from iCherish support you can depend on 24/7 click to contact us online.

Lawrenceville Companion Services From iCherish Home Care

iCherish Home Care provides companion services for older adults and people in need throughout Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County. Companion care is a kind of home care service that is non-medical, supplying emotional support and socialization. These services do not involve any tasks that require caregivers to touch the client. Rather than bathing and dressing, companion care involves shopping trips, doctor visits, housework assistance, and meal preparation, for example. It is lovely when family and friends provide social engagement to their loved ones. Still, it is not always an option for a variety of reasons. Whether family and friends are in the mix or not, companion care is a way to enrich someone's life by being there and much-needed socialization.

What are companion services?

What are the duties of a companion?

What does a home companion do?

What is the difference between a companion and a caregiver?

Caregiver assisting an elder woman to take a walk.

Caregiver measuring an elder man's blood pressure.

Lawrenceville Companion Services Include Cooking and Meal Prep

When older people and those with disabilities live alone, they rarely eat a balanced diet. It is easy for them not to want to cook for one, forget to eat, rely on unhealthy junk food, or miss meals for many reasons. In-home meal prep is where iCherish Home Care caregivers can help. The companion services we offer in Lawrenceville include preparing delicious meals to help our clients stay nourished. Eating right promotes good health and consistent energy levels.

What is a meal preparation service?

Is cooking part of meal preparation services?

What if there are dietary restrictions?

Do you make meals for diabetics?

Lawrenceville Caregivers Provide Medication Compliance Reminders

One of the most confusing daily tasks for our clients is managing their medications. Multiple prescriptions to take at different times do not make it easy for most. Nearly all our Lawrenceville clients have daily medications to take. Missing doses or accidentally taking too much can have serious complications. Take the worry out of managing medications with a reliable iCherish Home Care caregiver to nicely make sure your loved one takes their meds as prescribed.

How do you remind the elderly to take medication?

Can a caregiver dispense medication?

What can a caregiver not do?

What are the 3 main jobs of a caregiver?

Doctor checking her patient's condition.

Caregiver measuring an elder man's blood pressure.

Companion Appointment Escorts and Companion Caregiver Senior Transportation

Older adults and people with disabilities are not shut-in with a caring iCherish Home Care companion. Clients retain a feeling of independence when they venture out of the house. In Lawrenceville, our caregivers accompany clients to medical, dental, and grooming appointments. But that is not all; we transport and escort seniors when they want to see friends, attend church, grocery shop, and more. An outing as simple as a ride or walk around the block increases life quality and enjoyment.

What does a caregiver companion do?

What is an appointment companion for the elderly?

What is transportation for the elderly?

Where do companions escort seniors?

Companion Services Include Prescription Pick-Up and Home Prescription Delivery

Many of our clients do not drive, so filling prescriptions and picking up medications from the pharmacy is challenging. For prescription pick-up in Lawrenceville, call on iCherish Home Care. Our clients know we are ready to complete essential tasks like prescription pick-up, grocery shopping, and other errands.

Do companions pick up medications for the elderly?

What does a sitter for the elderly do?

What are the duties of a companion?

Will caregivers deliver prescriptions to seniors at home?

Doctor checking her patient's condition.

Caregiver measuring an elder man's blood pressure.

Companion Caregivers Talk About Senior Interests and Engage in Hobbies

Our hobbies and personal interests bring us joy throughout our lives. Our home caregivers take time to participate in the hobbies and interests of our clients. We help clients pursue leisure activities they enjoy; Anything from gardening to sewing to golf is fair. Whether it is pet care, board games, reading, or home projects, we keep it top of mind for clients.

What happens when elderly adults lose interest in hobbies, pastimes, and passions?

Why is it important for seniors to have hobbies?

Do home care caregivers help with pet care?

What do companions talk about with seniors?

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