Lawrenceville Personal Care Services Get Hygiene and Meal Prep Care at Home

Lawrenceville Personal Care Services and Homecare Explained

Explore the Lawrenceville personal care services from iCherish, a trusted home care agency. Personal care and personal assistance are in-home care to help maintain the well-being, safety, and independence of aging people still living at home. Our home care services help clients stay at home.

Many senior people prefer to live in their homes for as long as possible. Our home health care services near me help clients avoid moving to assisted living facilities and keep them out of nursing homes. Read on to learn more about the following in-home personal care services below.

Bathing, Restroom, Hygiene, And Grooming Assistance

Mobility Support

Personal Care Meal Prep and Nutritional Guidance

Medication Personal Care Scheduling And Compliance and Vital Screening and Checks


Bathing, Restroom, Hygiene, And Grooming Assistance

Our caregivers assist with morning and evening routines. These routines typically include bathing, shower, tub baths, sponge baths, and bed baths. Naturally, restroom activities are part of the daily routine.

We assist with toileting, incontinence issues, and accident monitoring as well. When it comes to grooming, dressing, and undressing, we assist. Personal care grooming services include haircare, skincare, shaving, oral care, and nail care.

Mobility Support

Mobility assistance is another aspect of our Lawrenceville personal care services. Our help includes transfers in and out of bed, from room to room, and in and out of wheelchairs. Also, we assist with walking and lead simple exercises to increase mobility and range of motion.

Personal Care Meal Prep and Nutritional Guidance

Whether you or a loved one live in Lawrenceville with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, diet is important. Based on health needs, dietary restrictions, and goals, we provide meal plans that work. Meal preparation, cooking, and scheduling help clients eat a balanced diet.

The personal care and companion services we provide include preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our caregivers and nurses follow the customized dietary meal plan for each client. iCherish also provides companionship during meals and feeding assistance. Because we care, we check food expiration dates, prepare grocery lists, clip coupons, and place grocery delivery orders for our clients.

Medication Personal Care Scheduling And Compliance

As far as taking medications as prescribed, our Lawrenceville clients need assistance. Aging and elderly adults commonly have at least five medications to take daily. That is why remembering what to take when is difficult for them. Not sticking to a medication schedule leads to medication mixups, like skipped doses, double dosing, and other mishaps.

The problem is that with prescriptions, forgetfulness can have serious side effects. And in some cases, fatal consequences. The medication assistance our personal care services team provides in Lawrenceville include:

Temperature Screening and Care

Accurate temperature screening is more important today than ever. iCherish Lawrenceville personal care professionals check client temperature each visit. Because deviation from normal body temperature may indicate the onset of infection, illness, or disease, daily monitoring is critical for the elderly.

Also, older adults are more susceptible to temperature conditions like hypothermia or heat stroke. That is why our caregivers will seek nurse assistance or call 911 if they find temperature irregularities. We care about you.

Respiration And Blood Pressure Checks

We check the respiration rate, pulse, and blood pressure each visit. Checking these vital signs on each visit helps identify changes that may point to a medical health crisis. Rest assured that when breathing or blood pressure indicates an urgent situation, iCherish caregivers will immediately contact a nurse or call 911.

Delicate Personal Care Professionals

In Lawrenceville and across the greater Atlanta area, personal care involves daily tasks like bathing, toileting, dressing, and undressing. It is easy to understand why personal care is embarrassing for many to discuss with their family. Hygiene, bathing, and mobility are essential personal care services our trained team provides without embarrassment.

We step in when people can no longer perform these personal care tasks alone. iCherish provides trained, screened personal caregivers to perform these tasks, preserve client dignity, prolong the time living at home, and maintain a higher quality of life.

When someone needs companionship specialized care, injury prevention wellness, or specialized care fall recovery services contact Cherish. We bring the best home health care right to your home. A home care provider will treat you with dignity and respect.  Our nurses and helpers home care team are what you need to get well at home.

iCherish Home Health Care Service Area

iCherish Home Care offers in-home personal care services, skilled nursing services, and companion services in the thirteen counties in the Greater Atlanta Area. These Georgia counties include Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Newton, Oconee, Oglethorpe, and Walton. We care for loved ones every day in and around Suwanne and Lawrenceville. Call us today at 678-975-7336.